Austin Young Adult Mental Health Services and Addiction Recovery

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Alpha Behavioral Health is an Austin, TX, community of passionate mental health and substance use disorder experts providing individual counseling, Austin young adult mental health services, and other services to give young people and their families all the tools they need to heal and thrive.

Young adults meet with a mental health counselor to discuss their mental health.

Other Services

Outpatient Addiction Treatment

More than just therapy, our Outpatient Services provide clients with the flexibility and community they need to begin recovery and find sobriety.

Services for Teens

We work closely with families, offering group and individual services to help teens heal, grow, and thrive with compassion and understanding.

Alpha Launch Program

Coaching and case management to help young adults and teens succeed at school, work, and in life.

Transitional Living Program

Our downtown Austin community provides young men with all the addiction recovery support they need to succeed in recovery.

We believe in living life to the fullest.

At Alpha Behavioral Health, we know that real recovery happens outside of groups and therapy. Our community-based program focuses on getting active and having fun.

Experience and passion make the difference

Our team of Master-Level Clinicians exclusively works with young people and their families. We have designed every aspect of our program to meet the unique needs of this age group seeking Austin young adult mental health services, balancing clinical, life skills, and social suppor

Live the life you are meant to with services that fit your lifestyle.

We are a community where you can heal, grow, and thrive.

Our licensed and accredited facility in downtown Austin provides families with all the support they need to help their loved ones launch into a life of fulfillment and joy. Our experienced team walks alongside you every step of the way as you rediscover joy, heal relationships, and find the fulfillment you seek while on the path to mental health and/or substance abuse recovery.

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We Accept Insurance

Alpha Behavioral Health works with most major insurance providers. We are currently in-network with BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Tricare, Magellan Healthcare, and Aetna, but we can work with other insurance providers on an out-of-network basis; our goal is to help the youth, no matter their insurance situation.

Alpha News
Alpha’s newest networking event “Vision Talk” is being hosted by @fusion_academy_austin_tx on July 31st. Hear from and connect with Austin’s leading behavioral health providers and educators for teens. RSVP below.


Parent Testimonial – Amy C.

I was first introduced to Alpha shortly after making the agonizing decision to put my oldest son, Drew, into rehab after his first year away at college (Summer 2018).    It was a tumultuous time, and I was scrambling for resources and answers to help my son who was on a fast track to destruction with drugs and alcohol.  It was...

Testimonial | Diana A

As the mother of a young man who spent years of his life living, and dying, with a crippling opioid addiction, and watching him attempt and then fail at one treatment program after another, I must take this moment to say that the Alpha 180 program not only gave my son his life back, but mine as well. What I’ve learned over these past years was...

Cheryl G | Testimonial

As a mother watching my son on his journey of recovery and working my own recovery program in Al-Anon and ACA (Adult Children of Alcoholics), Alpha 180 has been the guide to catapult our family’s healing: My son has found his home at Alpha 180. A place where fellow young-men dealt the same hand of cards, addiction and alcoholism, come together to...

Family Testimonial | Laureen

My name is Laureen and my son, Max, is an addict. When I think back to the beginning of our recovery journey, the feelings and emotions around that time were very challenging. What I’ve learned is that sharing is healing. There’s nothing unique about our story and I have learned so much through listening to other family’s stories (in rehab and at...

Alumni Story | Andrew W

I arrived at Alpha 180 on a cold December day in 2017. This was to be an important stop on my journey, but I did not quite know it at that time. For years previous I went around and around on the treatment carousel, occasionally stopping for food and water, but never finding the enriching recovery experience I was seeking. As I took my seat in...

Alumni Story | Joe M

My name is Joseph and I am a born-and-raised Austinite. My struggles with drug and alcohol began at age twelve. Though I didn’t know it at the time, I believe I was just trying to find a place to fit in and feel okay, something that didn’t come easily due to being adopted. At the age of seventeen, I was sent to a residential treatment center in...

Alumni Story | Max W.

My name is Max and I was in Alpha 180 for a little over a year and it was quite a journey. I was forced into residential treatment in Mississippi when I was 17 years old and it was there I found out that I would be going to aftercare. I was anything but thrilled, but my parents gave me an ultimatum, so I quickly realized I would need to get...

Mental Health Treatment & Addiction Recovery FAQ

What makes therapy for teens and young adults unique?

For young adult mental health services in Texas, our mental health counselors work closely with teens or young adults to tackle their specific needs. Stress about high school, college, or life could be difficult to talk about with parents and friends, so a counselor trained in young adult mental health services is dedicated to connecting with their young clients in a way that helps them understand where they’re coming from and make sense of the feelings they are experiencing.

What are the types of counseling for young adults and teens?

There are many effective and targeted therapy formats for teens and young adults that can help them thrive beyond coping in an addiction recovery program and mental health counseling. Those types of counseling are:

  • Family therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Interpersonal psychotherapy
  • Group therapy
  • And more!

Young adult mental health services are tailored to each patient’s experience, and our experts are readily available to provide your loved one with the information and care they need to improve their quality of life.

What are some examples of mental health disorders treated with counseling for teens and young adults?

Counseling for teens and young adults has given many young people the tools and coping mechanisms to improve their daily lives and their relationship with their mental health. Youth with bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, substance use disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, suicidal ideation, and major depressive disorder have all benefited from seeking therapy and a mental health counselor.

How effective is therapy for teens and young adults?

Therapy for the youth is most effective when the therapist meets the young adult or teen where they are. With this in place, teens and young adults can form therapeutic bonds with their patients, making the therapy sessions in young adult mental health services more effective for healing and recovery.

Are your programs suitable for young adults and teens struggling with substance use?

Alpha Behavioral Health is among the top Austin addiction recovery programs and Austin young adult mental health services providers for teens and young adults. Our intensive outpatient programs provide comprehensive and flexible treatment for teens and young adults struggling with substance abuse and process addictions like excessive gaming. Our programs are designed to get your loved one’s quality of life back.

What are the addiction treatment options for teens and young adults?

We have residential treatment options for young men in the Austin area who require transitional living after recovery, as well as outpatient programs that focus on helping young men experience recovery and the joys of life again.

Can addiction be treated successfully?

Addiction treatment can be very effective when all factors contributing to the addiction are tackled effectively. This is why our experts provide therapy and activities to help those with substance use disorder recover not just from their addiction but also learn better ways to cope with their mental health and stress management so that substances are no longer the answer.

How do the best treatment programs help young adults and teens recover from addiction?

The best treatment programs don’t just focus on the addiction; they also focus on the psychology and mental health of the patient and other factors in their life that might be causing their addiction. They don’t just treat the problem; they help heal the individual.

Who provides the treatment for your teen and young adult mental health programs?

At Alpha, our experts in psychotherapy and connecting with the youth treat your loved ones. Our experts are passionate about improving the quality of life of teens and young adults and are compassionate and understanding of their specific needs when it comes to young adult mental health services.

How long is the treatment process for the teen and young adult programs?

Whether it’s an outpatient program or a residential treatment center, the time that addiction treatment takes depends wholly on the individual. Most programs are 30 days, but these can be extended by another 30 should the patient need it. We also provide transitional living therapy to help people who have finished the program transition into sober life.

How does Alpha Behavioral Health treat the family?

We at Alpha believe the family members of someone struggling with substance use disorder need support and recovery, too. That’s why our therapy extends to family members to help them understand the triggers that were created during their loved one’s addiction and give them new insights and ways toward healing themselves.

How do Alpha Behavioral Health's mental health programs for teens and young adults differ from others?

Alpha Behavioral Health treats young men who may be too unsure or ashamed to seek help. Our goal is to provide youth with therapy, emotional education, social support, and recreational outlets so that recovery is compassionate, flexible, and fun. Our team provides dynamic and effective ways to help you focus on your personal goals as you heal.

How much do mental health treatment and addiction recovery programs for teens and young adults cost in Austin, Texas?

Mental health treatment and addiction recovery can be expensive on their own, as can dual diagnosis treatment centers that treat both simultaneously. The costs of treatment can be offset by your health insurance, so much so that you may not have to pay at all if it’s covered. However, the cost without insurance can vary.

Does health insurance cover treatment for teens and young adults in Austin?

Yes! Depending on your provider, health insurance can cover mental health and/or addiction treatment for teens and young adults.

Where is mental health counseling and addiction treatment for teens and young adults offered in Austin, TX?

Alpha Behavioral Health is located in Austin, TX. You can find our exact location at the bottom of our website or click schedule an appointment at the top of the home page.

How do I start the process of entering Alpha Behavioral Health Treatment?

The process is as easy as a phone call. You can call us toll-free at (833) 257-4218, or you can contact us through our contact portal for more information.