Alpha Launch provides one-on-one vocational, academic, and specialty services for young adults navigating life transitions.

Young adults and their parents want to successfully navigate many important milestones: finishing school, picking a career path, and becoming increasingly independent, to name a few. Also, handling day-to-day stressors like managing a calendar, saving money, or just making healthy friends, can be overwhelming and discouraging when you are trying to do it alone.

Who do we help?

Current or Aspiring Students

Whether you’re currently enrolled or planning a return to high school or college, we can help every step of the way. Regardless of academic history or ability, we utilize a strengths-based approach offering tutoring, coaching, and more to help you achieve your goals!

Young Adults in Recovery

For individuals in recovery from addiction or mental health issues, you seek independence, but also must build trust and manage many responsibilities. We take the stress out of everything from identifying your long-term career to budgeting for this weekend’s activities.

The Whole Family

Parents and their young adult kids both want the same thing: to successfully launch into a healthy and rewarding life! We provide parents peace of mind knowing their loved one is on track while young adults build the independence they desire.


Building confidence and competence is essential to feeling successful as a young adult. Regardless of where you are on your journey, we will walk alongside you to help you identify and achieve your goals.

“Success” looks different for everyone. Give us a call so we can talk about what it looks like for you!

Areas of support:

Case Management

Social Support

Individual Therapy

Executive Function Coaching

Life Skills Development

Academic Support

Career Coaching

What is Success Management?

“Success Management” is a term borrowed from customer service, which involves identifying your client’s goals then predicting and supporting their needs along the way. Alpha Launch provides all the support of traditional case management to ensure sustained wellbeing, but also provides resources to support clients reaching their fullest potential.

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Meet a Few of Our Specialists

Alpha works with a number of local experts passionate about helping young adults find success.
After identifying your personal goals, we utilize our specialists to build the perfect team to help you achieve them!

Patrick Olson

Patrick Olson

Higher Education Consultant

Patrick Olson grew up in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. He earned his bachelor’s in Business from the University of South Carolina and a master’s from the LBJ School of Public Affairs at The University of Texas at Austin. Patrick currently serves on the admissions team for the University of Texas at Austin’s highly-competitive McCombs School of Business, prior to which he worked as an Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator for the UT College of Pharmacy.

When Patrick is not talking to students or prospective applicants, you can find him spending quality time with his partner, young twins, and their puppy, Maddie. Patrick is an avid runner and participates in local road and trail races–his favorite being the Longhorn Run, which happens annually on the UT campus. He also spends time volunteering with the Young Men’s Business League and Austin Sunshine Camps.

Lauren Bajwa, M.Ed

Lauren Bajwa, M.Ed


After getting her masters degree in special education from The University of Texas at Austin, Lauren taught Special Education in AISD, where she helped coordinate the work of teachers, paraprofessionals, and related personnel in order to meet the individual needs of Special Education students. During that time she designed and implemented Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and attended Academic Language Therapy training, a systematic dyslexia remediation program. In addition to teaching, Lauren has experience consulting with program directors in private and independent schools, helping them develop best practice methods when identifying and accommodating students.

Currently, Lauren specializes in helping families prioritize next steps when their child is struggling emotionally, academically, or behaviorally. Lauren’s practice focuses on school avoidant children, particularly those struggling with debilitating anxiety and other related mental health challenges. Lauren is humbled by her own three vivacious daughters, and has a deep appreciation for the parenting experience. Lauren loves reading aloud to her girls, walking her dog, and cooking with her husband. She serves on the board at All Saints’ Episcopal Day School and Generation SERVE and is a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator. Lauren also represents children’s best interests in family law cases as a Guardian Ad Litem in Travis County.

Shawn Livingston

Shawn Livingston


Shawn Livingston is a combat veteran, decorated ultra-marathon runner, person in recovery from substance abuse, and mental health advocate. Overcoming his battle with drug use and PTSD has provided him the opportunity to help others find freedom through his personal experience. Shawn is passionate about utilizing physical fitness to aid in the pursuit for a sustainable recovery.

After getting sober, Shawn found a passion for running and had the opportunity to share his story in his award winning documentary, 100 Miles to Redemption. He inspires countless families and provides hope through his own personal accounts with addiction, recovery, and the healing power of fitness.

To learn more about the documentary, visit his website:


Sitting in the heart of Austin, the Alpha Clubhouse is a go-to for young people’s recovery. The Clubhouse hosts nightly dinners, recovery meetings, as well as our Outpatient Services. This is your place to chill, study, check in with your therapist, or just socialize with friends.