Transitional Living Program

An immersive aftercare experience specially designed to provide young men all the tools they need to be successful in recovery. Recovery cannot be taught – it must be experienced. With the support of our staff and a community of like-minded peers, Alpha 180 residents gain the self-confidence, life skills, and direction they need for lifelong recovery.

A recovery community specifically designed to help young men launch into life.

Family standing at front door of Clubhouse

Austin Residences

Located downtown in one of the fastest growing cities in the US, our Austin residence is steps from the University of Texas and minutes from both urban and outdoor destinations. 24/7 on-site staff provide daily oversight and support.

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Our integrated clinical model utilizes Experiential Attachment Therapy to heal underlying issues. Our licensed clinicians are passionate about working with young men to uncover their unique strengths and find their path.

Group in group room
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Launch Program

More than case management, we work with each client to discover their interests and aptitudes, developing an individualized success plan. Clients receive specialists, including fitness trainers, executive function coaches, tutors, and more.


Clients participate in regular activities locally, such as paddle boarding, paintball, or cliff jumping. We also go on multi-day expeditions to ski, camp, or whitewater raft.

Family standing at front door of Clubhouse

Family support

Our goal is to support the entire family as you navigate the challenges of early recovery. We offer family therapy, support groups, and in-person educational workshops.

Enjoy Austin in Our Downtown Residences

We are located in the heart of Austin, just a few minutes from universities, miles of trails and outdoor recreation, and some of the nation’s most famous music venues. Daytime and live-in staff provide direction so that you remain focused while emphasizing the importance of having fun and staying active. You will work together with the other residents, building friendships and shaping the life you have always wanted.

“There’s a freedom you begin to feel the closer you get to Austin, Texas.” Willie Nelson

Single-occupancy rooms available

Gym membership included

Desirable downtown location

Tons of walkable job options


Sitting in the heart of Austin, the Alpha Clubhouse is a go-to for young people’s recovery. The Clubhouse hosts nightly dinners, recovery meetings, as well as our Outpatient Services. This is your place to chill, study, check in with your therapist, or just socialize with friends.


Our Clinical Approach

We believe that everybody is seeking love, connection, and personal fulfillment. Our licensed clinicians seek to help uncover what thoughts, experiences, or behaviors are standing in the way of achieving your true potential. Because addiction involves mental, biological, social, and environmental factors, our therapeutic approach seeks to address all of these areas as well.

All members of Alpha 180 are paired with a primary therapist that they will work with one-on-one for the duration of their stay. Therapy is individualized for the unique needs of each student and may adapt as needs change throughout the course of your stay.

Our experience shows that treating trauma is pivotal to achieving long-term recovery. ‘Trauma’ can refer to any experience, big or small, that made you feel unsafe in the world. When left untreated, individuals will continue to use anything they can to get that sense of safety, regularly turning back to alcohol and drugs. When it is an appropriate fit for the client, we offer Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy. EMDR is researched-based psychotherapy designed to alleviate distress caused by traumatic memories.

Many individuals that have experienced addiction struggle with feelings of shame. Our therapeutic approach is designed to help you uncover and utilize your unique strengths. As you navigate and overcome the challenges of early recovery, you and your therapist will work together to integrate these successes into your identity. The result is a feeling of confidence, gratitude, and excitement for the journey ahead!

Integrated Clinical Services

While some Transitional Living Programs may outsource clinical care to other providers, our licensed clinicians are members of our team, providing integrated therapeutic support every step of the way. Our expert therapists are passionate about working exclusively with young adults and have cultivated our programming to meet their unique needs.

Alpha is set apart by the Launch Program. Each client works one on one with our Case Manager to develop an individualized success plan, whether vocational or academic. We then pair clients with specialists based on their unique goals, ranging from nutritionists and fitness trainers to executive function coaches and tutors.

Young adulthood is all about building a happy, healthy, independent life. This begins with identifying a vision for your future and some first steps you are excited about. For most clients, these may be enrolling in some classes, getting a job to save money, or learning a new skill.

Alpha Launch provides parents the peace of mind that their loved one is pursuing purposeful goals while giving young adults the earned independence they deserve. The Alpha mission is driven by our belief that anyone should have any opportunity they seek!

Expeditions &

Alpha knows that most of the recovery process happens outside of groups. Stay active and have fun with expeditions and activities with people your age all over the country!

Here are just a few of the trips and expeditions we have taken with our community:

Hiking at The Greenbelt

Skiing and Snowboarding

Swimming at Barton Springs

Overnight Beach Trips

Camping in Big Bend National Park

Whitewater rafting

Cliff Jumping

Golf and Disc Golf
Hiking at The Greenbelt

Whitewater rafting

Overnight Beach Trips

Skiing and Snowboarding

Camping in Big Bend National Park
Golf and Disc Golf
Swimming at Barton Springs

Cliff Jumping

Family Programming

Recovery is a process that involves the whole family.

For the duration of your stay, clinical staff will maintain regular contact with family members to ensure they are learning and healing alongside you. Some of the features of the family support we offer include:
  • Family Therapy
  • Two-Day Educational Workshop
  • Recovery Education
  • Boundaries and Family Dynamics
  • Virtual Support Groups
  • Referral to Outside Services

We believe that recovery is not just for the client. When all family members participate in the recovery process, the chances of long-term success rise significantly.

A Typical Day at

We will support you in building an active recovery lifestyle that balances responsibility and leisure. Residents receive increasing freedom as they progress through the program. This is a sample of what a standard weekday for a new resident may look like:

8:00 AM

Wake Up, Shower, Eat Breakfast

9:15 AM

Morning Meditation

10:30 AM

Physical Fitness

11:30 AM

Meet with Case Manager

12:00 PM


1:00 PM

Individual Therapy Session

2:00-5:00 PM

Psychoeducation and Process Group

6:00 PM

Dinner at the Clubhouse

7:00 PM

Recovery Meeting

8:00 PM

Free Time

9:00 PM


10:00 PM

Wind Down

We Accept Insurance

Alpha Behavioral Health works with most major insurance providers. We are currently in-network with BlueCross BlueShield, Cigna, Tricare, Magellan Healthcare, and Aetna, but we can work with other insurance providers on an out-of-network basis; our goal is to help the youth, no matter their insurance situation.

Transitional Living Program Timeline

Your length of stay will vary based on your goals and needs


Months 1-3

For new residents, our focus is on establishing trust and safety. As you get to know your peers, our staff is focused on getting to know you, working together to establish goals and build a firm foundation in recovery.

  • Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
  • Multidimensional Goal Plan
  • Establish Boundaries with Family
  • Complete PHP and IOP


Months 3-6

Residents enact their goal plan by applying for school, working part-time, or both. You will build friendships within your peer group as you participate in trips, groups, and activities together. As you apply the foundations of recovery you have been learning, you will begin to experience the gifts of recovery.

  • Enact Personal Goal Plan
  • Apply Daily Life Skills
  • Address Core Issues in Therapy


Month 6-9

Residents actively participate in recovery while balancing commitments and new leadership roles. You will begin to experience the gifts of recovery as you gain confidence and momentum towards your life goals. The fear of the unknown lessens as you successfully navigate life with the support of your community.

  • Establish Healthy Self-Identity
  • Build Trust Through Consistency
  • Plan for Independent Living


Months 9-12

Firm in a foundation in recovery, clients are transitioning into the next phase of their development. Some clients choose to remain in our housing as community leaders. Others may shift to an independent living situation, where we can continue to offer support to you as an alum.

  • Maintain Healthy Habits
  • Safely Increase Independence
  • Progress in School/Career Pursuits
  • Complete Alpha Launch Program

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