About Alpha

Alpha Behavioral Health is a lifestyle support organization providing resources to individuals overcoming mental health and addiction challenges. Our community-based services are specifically developed with the unique needs of teens, young adults, and their families in mind. It’s all we do.

For Clients


Are you scared that you are getting behind in life?


Are you ready to go to school or start your career?


Are you looking for a community that gets you?

Transitioning into adulthood can be very stressful and daunting. Making friends, choosing a career or college, juggling academics, and managing relationships can seem impossible. Alpha is a community designed for you to come alongside you and provide all the support you need to accomplish your goals. Whether you are seeking therapy, outpatient treatment, supportive housing, or if you just want some day-to-day support, we are here to help. We have developed our services to meet you where you are, with an emphasis on staying active and having fun.
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At Alpha, we believe that healing is driven by discovering purpose. We want to learn about your passions and goals and walk alongside you as you accomplish them. Discover what’s possible! I’m looking for

I’m looking for

For Families

Is it overwhelming trying to find the right services or program for your loved one?
Are you looking for services that support your loved ones academic or career goals too?
Could you use some guidance navigating parenting your teen or young adult?

From the very first contact, our goal is to make you feel as supported in this journey as possible. Researching programs for your loved one can be incredibly overwhelming. As parents, we want to set our kids up for success, but we may not know what that looks like when it comes to addiction and mental health recovery. Furthermore, we know our children need to live in the ‘real world,’ but rebuilding trust and safely navigating increased independence can be a daunting proposition. We can help!

Raising a child from adolescence to adulthood is challenging under the best circumstances. When your loved one struggles with mental health or substance abuse, it can be overwhelming and isolating. We offer a network of resources to provide you the education and support you need not only to be the best parent you can be, but also to help you regain the serenity and joy you may have lost.

Imagine a good night’s sleep knowing your loved one is safe and on track.

“Before Alpha, when Sebastian and I were in the same room it felt like he was 1000 miles away and now that he may be 1000 miles away, I have never felt closer to him.  We are building a healthy secure relationship based on trust, love, and acceptance (something I thought was lost to us). It is AWESOME!”

Stella, Tucson, AZ

Family Therapy

Our licensed clinicians will work with your family to establish shared goals, clear expectations, and reinforce healthy communication.

Parent Coaching

From whether to send money to deciding when it is time to move out, our team supports you in navigating all the questions and challenges that come up in early recovery.

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Local Referrals

We have a national network of vetted professionals and can provide resources for therapy, coaching, or treatment that you or another family member may seek.

In-Person Workshops

Connect to other parents, learn, and experience the Alpha program firsthand at our in-person experiential workshops.

Virtual Support Groups

It can feel like no other parents understand. We offer clinician-led support groups where you can connect to other parents, new and experienced, that are on similar journeys.

Trust is Everything

Licensed and Accredited Facility

Choosing a treatment program can be overwhelming. At Alpha, we know that you and your family have been through enough, so we want you to feel assured and supported. We are ready to answer all your questions. If we are not the best fit, we will be glad to help you find the right program for your family.

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For Professionals

How do you know if your client is a fit for us?
At Alpha, we have specially designed our services to meet the needs of teens, young adults, and families struggling with mental health or addiction challenges. All clients complete a thorough assessment before enrollment.
Clients that may be a fit:
  • 14-29 years old
  • Struggling emotionally, socially, and/or academically
  • May have abused substances
  • Benefit from life skills support
  • Require clinical oversight
  • Require life skills support
  • Need direction setting and achieving goals
  • Benefit from academic or vocational coaching
Contact us to speak in more detail about any potential referral

How do we work with other professionals?

We work closely with referring professionals to offer clients and their families an aligned system of support. Many families benefit from additional services beyond the scope of our offerings. We regularly refer to qualified providers when clients or their families require supplementary support or a different level of care.

Healthy communication and alignment of goals is crucial to recovery. Our team is experienced handling the delicate considerations of treatment planning, program transitions, and family dynamics. We are not a fit for everyone and carefully assess every client to be sure they are appropriate for Alpha.