Testimonial | Diana A

July 26, 2021

As the mother of a young man who spent years of his life living, and dying, with a crippling opioid addiction, and watching him attempt and then fail at one treatment program after another, I must take this moment to say that the Alpha 180 program not only gave my son his life back, but mine as well.

What I’ve learned over these past years was that this disease of addiction surpasses the obvious expected outcome of simply destroying the addict’s life, it somehow manages to render every aspect of their loved ones’ lives virtually unrecognizable as well. I found myself doubting my abilities not just as a parent, but as a functioning member of society. How can I expect anyone to love or value me, when I allowed this to happen to my child? This is an epic failure on the most basic and instinctive level of any role I have or will ever be asked to play….the role of a good mother. I had nothing else to hang my hat on, as he is my only child and being his mother had been the thing I had always been most proud of. Now, as I watched him becoming a person I didn’t recognize, respect or understand any longer my own self-worth eroded to virtually nothing. 

Fast forward to his involvement with Alpha 180 and the incredible human that I am, again, so unbelievably proud to say I created. However, I am even more proud to say that he, with the tools, strengths, encouragement, and unshakeable commitment to their sobriety and educational goals that his brothers in the Alpha 180 program have instilled in him, has re-created.  When he began this program, he was a very scared, very sick, very angry, and utterly hopeless kid with nothing to lose. The man I see now is incredibly bright, utterly dynamic, super excited, and totally committed to helping everyone he meets on his journey of recovery and academia to reach their goals as well. He inspires me to strive for my own goals as well! I often tell people that I literally had never met this person I now know as my son before the Alpha 180 program. The incredible people there have given me a son I never knew existed, and he inspires me to want to be a better person every day. I cannot recommend Alpha 180 enough.

Sincerely, Diana A.