Alcohol and Drug Addiction Help: When Is It Time?

January 9, 2022

Addicts and alcoholics are good at hiding their addiction from the people around them, but they can’t hide it from themselves. When do you know it is time to seek addiction help? At IOP Austin, we can help you make this decision in a kind, non-judgmental way.

How Do You Know You Need Addiction Help?

So, what are the signs that let you know it’s time to seek help and possibly an Intensive Outpatient Program? The first step is recognizing that your problem is out of control.

The onset of an addiction can be so gradual that it can be hard to determine when you need to reach out for help. Take time to honestly answer the following questions.

6 signs you need addiction help

Which of the following applies to you? :

  1. Do friends, family members, a significant other, or co-workers make you aware of your substance abuse issues?
  2. Maybe you’ve gotten in trouble with the law one too many times and can no longer keep writing it off as bad luck? DUIs, fines, and jail time generally plague people who have substance abuse problems.
  3. Have you noticed a decline in your health? Do you get sick with colds more often than non-drinkers? The more you drink, the weaker your immune system becomes. This makes you more susceptible to colds and infections. Studies have shown that people with alcohol and drug abuse problems live 24 – 28 years shorter than non-users.
  4. Are you beginning to see a negative financial result from your substance use? Alcoholics tend to have more debt than non-alcoholics. As abuse increases, work lessens and many bills are paid with credit cards to cover the gap of less income and paying bills on time.
  5. Do you notice you’re not as mentally sharp? Do you seem to have a lot of “brain fog?” Being forgetful? A substance abuser’s brain becomes damaged, especially when they are young.
  6. Do you have a higher tolerance to the substance now? Most people begin using in small amounts and only occasionally. As the abuse progresses, you’ll notice you need the substance more frequently and in higher amounts. Your body has adjusted to the substance and needs more of it for the effect you seek.

Is it Time for Help?

If you found you answered, “Yes,” to the above questions, it may be hard for you to admit that there is a real issue with drugs or alcohol in your life, but once you recognize that something has gone wrong, the next step is seeking help.

Your first step should be rehabilitation and detox. After your program is completed at rehab, for a successful recovery, you’ll need a smooth transition back into day-to-day life.

That’s where IOP Austin comes in. Our staff will be happy to discuss the steps necessary for you to take that will best help in your recovery process.

At IOP Austin, we offer a safe and comfortable environment where individuals can address drug and alcohol abuse issues with an experienced professional who understands their struggle and will support them through recovery.

experienced professional to help in addiction recovery

We offer individualized treatment plans based on each client’s unique needs so we can provide the best care possible for every person we serve. Our staff members are committed to helping clients overcome addiction by providing education about substance use disorders as well as behavior change strategies proven effective in research-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

It’s likely that you already know you’re in over your head and you need help getting your life back on track. Our trained, clinical counselors and medical professionals are here to help you overcome your addictions and reclaim your life.

What Can You Expect at IOP Austin?

addiction help at Austin Alpha180

At Alpha IOP, you’ll experience a brotherhood that walks alongside you as you recover. You’ll be surrounded and supported by like-minded people that have experienced many of the same things you’re experiencing now.

At the Alpha 180 IOP in Austin, you’ll have dinner every night with your community, participate in weekly activities, have one-on-one sessions with Alpha’s licensed clinician, and have three group sessions per week.

Our curriculum covers all the topics necessary for a successful recovery including:

You know the negative impact addiction can have on your life. if you have struggled with alcohol or drug dependency. It is possible to have treatment without inpatient status and still be able to participate in daily activities like work and childcare or school.

Call today at 833.257.4218 to learn what the next, best step to recovery is for you. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have.