Alpha 180’s Academic Recovery Support Program

February 26, 2019


Balancing school and recovery can be tough…

Resiliency is not easy as a college student in recovery. Dr. Donald Misch states, “Recovering students feel virtually alone in confronting this college environment awash in alcohol or other drugs. Their sense of alienation from the general campus community is heightened by a conflict of priorities – recovery versus academics – faced by few of their classmates1” (2009). As a result, academic support is imperative for these students trying to find a healthy balance.

What is the Academic Recovery Support program?

Academic Recovery Support (ARS) is collaborative, individualized case management for students in recovery. Our goal is to empower students to identify and accomplish their personal goals in sobriety and higher education. We begin by working one-on-one with each student to create their personalized goal plan. Next, we work on helping students reenroll in class, when they are ready, by applying for college, navigating financial aid, looking at class options, and meeting with an academic advisor at a university or community college. Ongoing support provided by ARS includes time management, study skills, and accountability surrounding assignments and grades.

In addition to guiding students’ academic progress, ARS supports life skills development through learned practice. We educate students on basic life skills such as writing resumes, cover letters, organization, job hunting, interviewing, healthy eating and other skills that can enhance their personal growth.

The Academic Recovery Support program is a rich and beneficial service for students navigating the demands of education and recovery. Success for young adults in recovery is pivotal as they shape how they view their abilities and place in the world. “If students feel that there is a lack of support or understanding within the college campus context, they may develop the sense that they do not belong. Lacking a sense of belonging, especially during the college-age years when this can be a key factor in identity development2” (2010). Students at Alpha 180 are members of a community, surrounded by the support of caring staff and like-minded peers.

            Are you beginning your recovery and have school in your future? We can help!


By Jessyca Daniel, Case Manager