Healing Family Dynamics in Alcoholism and Drug Abuse

January 8, 2022

How Alcoholism Impacts Family Dynamics

Family members must learn how to deal with each other in a healthy way. A large percentage of addicts relapse because they are not addressing the issues that lead them back to addiction in the first place. By working through family dynamics, it’s easier for an addict to stay sober and avoid relapse.

family dynamics in addiction recovery

IOP Austin offers a curriculum specifically designed for families dealing with alcoholism or drug abuse recovery. These sessions allow family members to work together on improving communication skills, setting boundaries, and learning how to communicate when conflict arises without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch.

Alcohol Abuse Among Teens and Young Adults

Very often, teens and young adults who struggle with alcohol addiction (or drug addiction) have family members who also struggle. Teenagers can develop addictions, however, even if their parents do not.

The adolescent years are an especially tumultuous time for young drinkers. While about one in four Americans drinks socially, three out of four American adults with alcohol problems began drinking at or before the age of 21.

teen alcoholism

Teens and young adults who begin to drink early are at great risk of developing alcohol problems. At Alpha 180, our IOP in Austin, Tx works through family dynamics affected by alcoholism and drug abuse with young adults.

Counseling sessions focus on coping techniques and support to heal relationships and move forward in a positive direction.

Focus on Family Well-being

Addiction is a disease that affects the entire family. Families are often torn apart by addiction that is a fact. However, they can heal when addicts accept their part in these issues and learn healthier coping mechanisms.

Family members must first recognize the impact of addiction on the family system before healing can begin to take place.

The addict has to be willing to acknowledge their role in creating problems within the family unit. This will enable them to develop healthy coping skills for dealing with daily stressors. This is possible without turning back towards drugs or alcohol as a means of escape from negative feelings.

Families can begin to heal when addicts develop healthier coping mechanisms. Learning to focus on the well-being of the entire family is crucial. This begins with the addict recognizing and acknowledging their part in family issues caused by substance abuse. This includes:

  • Opening up and sharing feelings.
  • Talking about things that happened that potentially brought on substance abuse.
  • Facing problems head-on.

The family dynamic is a huge part of addiction. When addicts learn to take responsibility for their actions, they can heal from addiction and return to healthier coping mechanisms that work best for them. IOP Austin understands this and includes family dynamics in its intensive outpatient program.

Address Alcoholism & Drug Addiction Issues as a Family

Families are in pain when a loved one is struggling with addiction or alcoholism. The family is the first place where people begin to develop addictive patterns. That being said, this can make it hard for an addict’s family members to trust him again.

But when you see the signs of drug abuse or alcohol use, there are things you can do to help your loved one get into treatment before he becomes addicted to drugs or alcohol.

family dynamics to improve chances of addiction recovery

When families attend our program together, they learn how to communicate effectively without blame and shame. That way, everyone feels heard and understood while also getting clear about their boundaries around substance use behaviors. This will, in turn, create healthy relationships at home.

This creates an environment where everyone feels safe enough to heal from trauma, build resilience, and achieve emotional sobriety. This will move towards healing as a whole person—mind body & spirit!

Our Family Dynamics curriculum has been proven effective, showing significant improvements in communication skills between family members.

healing family dynamics in addiction recovery

In some cases, families fear being labeled as dysfunctional. If you are ready to admit to having a problem, it’s time to have the difficult conversations as a family and get them involved in your healing process.

Creating a safe environment for the family to have those conversations is important. This includes talking about what it means to support you through the process of recovering from alcohol dependence. It’s also important for the family members of alcoholics to open up about how addictive behavior affects them.

Begin the Healing of Family Dynamics

At IOP Austin, we know that addiction is a family disease. For this reason, our intensive outpatient program includes not just the addict but their entire family in treatment.

family dynamics curriculum

If you are struggling to overcome an alcohol or drug addiction and want help healing your relationships with your loved ones at home, contact us today for more information on how our team can help. Call us today at (833) 257-4218 to start on your road to healing.