New Executive Function Workshop for Students

September 30, 2021

Alpha 180 supports our clients in developing and implementing healthy routines that are tailored to each resident’s unique recovery journey and stage of life. For most students, a year of online courses has proven difficult, in fact, studies suggest that “confinement leads to a loss of routine, a reduction in social and physical contact, frustration, boredom, and a sense of loneliness that can be difficult to manage for many people” (Rodriguez, 2020).

During the 2020-2021 school year, we noticed that basic executive functioning skills fell by the wayside as anxiety, depression, and active addiction prevailed. In some cases, potential students are fearful to reengage in academia because they are simply too overwhelmed. We asked ourselves: How can we help?

In partnership with Boutique Educational Specialists (BES), Alpha 180 is pleased to announce a new Intensive Executive Functioning Workshop to provide an additional layer of support for students so they can confidently reengage in their academic pursuits. Offered twice a semester, the hands-on three-hour workshop will provide skills for scheduling, time management, organization, self-control, planning and task initiation, and goal setting – all foundational components for a successful academic experience.

Students should expect to leave the session equipped with a better understanding of core executive function concepts, including, but not limited to the working memory, cognitive flexibility and inhibitor control, the functional and structural growth of neuroplasticity vs. fixed mindset, and real-life executive functioning challenges. There will also be time dedicated for 1:1 conversations with students and their instructors to talk about their personal academic goals and challenges.

In light of these unprecedented times, it’s important now – more than ever – to reintegrate our clients and highlight the importance of executive functioning skills in daily routines. While Alpha 180 and BES specialize in individualization, we are confident the curriculum discussed in this seminar is something all of our clients can benefit from and apply in their daily lives. It is our hope that this workshop will provide foundational knowledge for students to build from – and stay motivated by – as the school year unfolds.

By: Moore Woltz

Rodríguez, C. (2020). Cinco retos psicológicos de la crisis del COVID-19. J. Neg. No Posit. Res. 5, 569–668.