Alpha 180 and Jaywalker join in Houston, TX to serve victims of Hurricane Harvey

November 9, 2018

By: Michael M.

This past weekend, the Alpha 180 brotherhood made a memorable trip to Houston, TX. The trip was comprised of three main events: touring the Museum of Fine Arts, hanging out with the guys from Jaywalker, and volunteering with a disaster relief organization called the St. Bernard Project. The museum was a fantastic chance for the community to walk around together and get to know one another amongst some gorgeous works of art. Then, Jaywalker welcomed Alpha 180 with open arms at their house for a meeting and dinner. Finally, St. Bernard Project, arranged for Alpha 180 and Jaywalker to restore a family’s home that was damaged by the recent hurricane.

Between events, there was never a dull moment. We found time for in-house meetings, meditation, prayer, and brotherly bonding at any chance we could get. As a newer member to Alpha 180, I felt a part of something much bigger than myself. I had a valuable chance to set aside work and daily routines to get more vulnerable than I normally am. My Alpha 180 mentor sat down with me several times to check in and see where I am in my path of recovery. I adore the fact that this is just him acting casually; Alpha truly instills a concept of a sober social center for young people in recovery. It feels so caring and genuine to have these conversations occur naturally, rather than to have them forced by staff or counselors.

All in all, I would deem this trip as a HUGE success. Here’s to another weekend sober, and to many more in the future!